September 2015 Newsletter

Fall Greetings!

It’s hard to believe summer is winding down—we hope you’ve had a great one!

Safety Issues

Recently there have multiple near-misses of vehicles striking children on bicycles, skateboards, scooters, etc. Parents, PLEASE, PLEASE remind your children to be cautious and respectful of cars. We are especially having problems with children blatantly ignoring approaching vehicles and remaining in the main thoroughfare versus moving to the side, and also with children “launching” at the top/west end of Harvest Grove and riding west to east down the middle of the road. Your help in educating and reminding them of proper safety and etiquette is greatly appreciated and will help avoid tragedy.

Also, drivers—a reminder that the community speed limit is 15 MPH, and to be especially observant of our little ones at play.

Community Events

This summer has been filled with some fabulous community events! The Barbeque and Game Night in June, and the recent Movie Night were absolutely top-notch! The events were filled with great food, great fun, and most importantly, great opportunities to get to know your neighbors. We extend a most sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU to our talented events committee—the Treseder’s, Monty’s and many others for their incredibly hard work in putting on these events, and to all of the residents that contributed and attended.

Property Maintenance / Common Areas

Common Area Maintenance

Earlier this summer we had parts of the lawn die on the south and west exterior of the community. Part of the issue was broken sprinkler heads, and part of the issue was that someone (probably a construction or utility crew) turned off a water valve to the south sprinklers. The dying lawn went unnoticed/unreported for some period. As a Board, we’d ask your help in sharing any observations, as we may not always see what you do. A quick call or email will go a long way to helping address issues as quickly as possible.


We’re still working to keep the pavilion cleaned up.   Please work with your kids to clean up after themselves and take belongings home each day. If you are missing property, please contact a member of the Board. There has been a misconception in the community that unclaimed property is being sold or taken for personal use, which is not true. Missing items are being held in a “lost and found”, and after a few weeks of being unclaimed, items will be donated to a charity (DI, Savers, Goodwill, etc.). If you can ensure your property is labeled, this will also help facilitate return. Best of all, however, please take your property home each day.

We’re happy to announce the addition of two more picnic tables in the pavilion. This will help better accommodate community events and larger family gatherings. An electrical plug was also added!

You may have also noted that a pavilion reservation calendar is now posted in the pavilion and will be updated as appropriate. Reservations can be made via the blog.

Playground & Water Feature

As you may recall, we’ve been studying options and securing bids on various options to repair/replace/change the water feature and playground area. It’s been difficult to find contractors who are interested in the project; however, we’re still working on it and will provide updates as information is available.

The Board has approved and will be adding a few trees along the west side of the playground to improve shade conditions. We’re watching for best fall prices and planting times.



Just a reminder—while the Board tries to stay observant of any CC&R concerns, residents can also share/report issues they observe to a member of the Board.


With a few homes for sale in the community, just a reminder that last year the CC&Rs were modified to allow for one sign in the yard. We are also working with homeowners and their real estate agents to accommodate open houses, and periodically the gates will be open for a few hours at a time.


We also extend a gentle reminder that upkeep of individual flowerbeds is the responsibility of each

homeowner. Please keep all beds, front and back, weeded and in good repair.


We continue to have parking violations. As a reminder, vehicles cannot be parked on the street overnight. The only exception to this is for temporary visitors, which should be communicated to a member of the Board.

Other Info & Reminders

Just a few other reminders…

  • The community directory is solely for the private use of the community and cannot be used, shared or duplicated for any business, political or other purposes.
  • If you would like to make modifications to your property, please contact a member of the Board for assistance with the approval process.

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