September 2015 Newsletter

Fall Greetings!

It’s hard to believe summer is winding down—we hope you’ve had a great one!

Safety Issues

Recently there have multiple near-misses of vehicles striking children on bicycles, skateboards, scooters, etc. Parents, PLEASE, PLEASE remind your children to be cautious and respectful of cars. We are especially having problems with children blatantly ignoring approaching vehicles and remaining in the main thoroughfare versus moving to the side, and also with children “launching” at the top/west end of Harvest Grove and riding west to east down the middle of the road. Your help in educating and reminding them of proper safety and etiquette is greatly appreciated and will help avoid tragedy.

Also, drivers—a reminder that the community speed limit is 15 MPH, and to be especially observant of our little ones at play.

Community Events

This summer has been filled with some fabulous community events! The Barbeque and Game Night in June, and the recent Movie Night were absolutely top-notch! The events were filled with great food, great fun, and most importantly, great opportunities to get to know your neighbors. We extend a most sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU to our talented events committee—the Treseder’s, Monty’s and many others for their incredibly hard work in putting on these events, and to all of the residents that contributed and attended.

Property Maintenance / Common Areas

Common Area Maintenance

Earlier this summer we had parts of the lawn die on the south and west exterior of the community. Part of the issue was broken sprinkler heads, and part of the issue was that someone (probably a construction or utility crew) turned off a water valve to the south sprinklers. The dying lawn went unnoticed/unreported for some period. As a Board, we’d ask your help in sharing any observations, as we may not always see what you do. A quick call or email will go a long way to helping address issues as quickly as possible.


We’re still working to keep the pavilion cleaned up.   Please work with your kids to clean up after themselves and take belongings home each day. If you are missing property, please contact a member of the Board. There has been a misconception in the community that unclaimed property is being sold or taken for personal use, which is not true. Missing items are being held in a “lost and found”, and after a few weeks of being unclaimed, items will be donated to a charity (DI, Savers, Goodwill, etc.). If you can ensure your property is labeled, this will also help facilitate return. Best of all, however, please take your property home each day.

We’re happy to announce the addition of two more picnic tables in the pavilion. This will help better accommodate community events and larger family gatherings. An electrical plug was also added!

You may have also noted that a pavilion reservation calendar is now posted in the pavilion and will be updated as appropriate. Reservations can be made via the blog.

Playground & Water Feature

As you may recall, we’ve been studying options and securing bids on various options to repair/replace/change the water feature and playground area. It’s been difficult to find contractors who are interested in the project; however, we’re still working on it and will provide updates as information is available.

The Board has approved and will be adding a few trees along the west side of the playground to improve shade conditions. We’re watching for best fall prices and planting times.



Just a reminder—while the Board tries to stay observant of any CC&R concerns, residents can also share/report issues they observe to a member of the Board.


With a few homes for sale in the community, just a reminder that last year the CC&Rs were modified to allow for one sign in the yard. We are also working with homeowners and their real estate agents to accommodate open houses, and periodically the gates will be open for a few hours at a time.


We also extend a gentle reminder that upkeep of individual flowerbeds is the responsibility of each

homeowner. Please keep all beds, front and back, weeded and in good repair.


We continue to have parking violations. As a reminder, vehicles cannot be parked on the street overnight. The only exception to this is for temporary visitors, which should be communicated to a member of the Board.

Other Info & Reminders

Just a few other reminders…

  • The community directory is solely for the private use of the community and cannot be used, shared or duplicated for any business, political or other purposes.
  • If you would like to make modifications to your property, please contact a member of the Board for assistance with the approval process.


Dear Residents,

Happy Summer! Please take a few minutes to carefully review this month’s newsletter – there’s lots of important information!


Thank You
First, a HUGE thanks to our amazing events committee for the wonderful Spring Event! There were over 1,800 eggs, and a delicious breakfast with homemade quiches, cinnamon rolls and lots of other tasty treats! If you didn’t make it, we hope to see you next year!

The committee also did a great job with the annual yard sale that was held on May 30th. This will continue to be held each spring, and new banners have been purchased to help with advertising each year.

Summer Party
Our events committee also has a great summer party planned – please plan to join us on Saturday, June 27th from 6-9:00 p.m. There will be a barbeque dinner and lots of fun entertainment. Inflatables, laser tag, shaved ice, glitter tattoos and a great chance to get to know your neighbors better. Please come enjoy some delicious food, fun, and great company!


Common Area Maintenance
The community works hard to provide family-friendly common areas, and we ask that everyone do their part to ensure all can enjoy them. Sadly, as many are aware, damage to community and individual homeowner property has become an issue, and is generally caused by unsupervised children. We are also having issues with garbage and toys being left in the common areas, street, and neighbors’ yards. PLEASE remind your children to clean up behind themselves, to respect community and private property (your neighbor’s yard is not community property), and to just be a good neighbor.

Effective immediately, property left in common areas or street will be removed nightly and disposed of/donated to charity, including bikes, toys, clothing, etc.   If your family uses the common areas, we encourage you to check nightly for items left behind, as the HOA will not replace or reimburse the cost for any items that have been disposed of.

Portable Basketball Standards
The CC&R’s state that basketball standards must be located on your personal property (not in the street). We are experiencing increasing traffic hazards and safety issues with portable hoops being left in the street, especially when they fall over or children are playing and do not move for traffic. Hoops must be removed when not in use, especially over night. As with any violation of the CC&R’s warnings will be sent for the first two violations, with a fine imposed for the third and any future violations.

Community Parking
Just a reminder that vehicles need to be parked so they do not obstruct traffic (close to corners/stop signs), and cannot be parked on the street overnight.

Desert Valley Road Parking
We reached out to South Jordan City regarding street parking and traffic congestion on Desert Valley Road. We also submitted a petition asking that parking be restricted to the south side. In the end, since Desert Valley Road is a public street, and based on evaluation by the South Jordan City Fire Department that they have sufficient room to get their trucks through when there are cars parked on both sides, there is no other action the community can take at this time. Thankfully, after speaking with the owners/management of Culver’s, their employees seem to now be parking in the lot, so hopefully we will continue to enjoy less congestion/parking issues.

Water Feature
As you may also be aware, the common area water feature has been disabled for some time due to massive water leaks. It was not designed well, and we were losing thousands of gallons of water, which is very expensive. That area has also become a favorite play area, which also raises safety concerns and makes it hard to maintain.   After careful review, due to the excessive costs to adequately repair/rebuild the water feature, to avoid ongoing safety and maintenance issues, and to reduce long-term maintenance costs, the water feature is going to be removed. We are currently exploring pricing/options to redesign the area, and will either install grass, a half-court basketball court, or a combination of both. We are exploring every option to keep the costs at a minimum, including selling the rocks and/or some of the plants, but will try to relocate as many of the larger trees as possible to the west side of the playground to improve shade conditions. Updates will be provided as final decisions are made and prior to construction. We also plan to add two additional picnic tables to the pavilion/common area, and believe all of these improvements will be a great improvement and long-term investment in the community.


Legal Opinion Update
As you may recall the Board and Community Litigation Committee have been working with legal counsel to study legal options against Peterson Homes/Development on various issues.  We wanted to let you know that the Board and Litigation Committee approved the final version of a demand letter to Peterson, which we anticipate will be finalized and sent to Peterson this week. We will keep you apprised of developments as we are able without compromising confidentiality.

Summer Maintenance
Just a reminder that for any landscaping maintenance issues on your property, (missed mow, damage by crews, etc.), please directly contact Travis at Homes Property at: / 801-231-3814.   If your issue is not resolved or you do not receive a response, you may then contact the Board by email at You should still report common area issues to the Board, who will interact with Holmes Property.

Pavilion Reservations
For private use, the Pavilion must be reserved by emailing the Board, who will send you a reservation form for review and your signature. A reservation sign holder is being added so reservations are posted.

Thanks to all of you for making Harvest Crossing a great place to live!


Please join us for the Harvest Crossing HOA Spring Activity on Saturday March 28th at 10:30 a.m.   We’ll be having an Easter Egg Hunt, followed by yummy Brunch.

Extended families are invited, so bring your grandkids, nieces, nephews, grandparents, etc., and enjoy some delicious food while you get to know your neighbors.

If you will have family participating in the Easter Egg Hunt, please bring a bag of wrapped easter candy (or similar amount of small toys etc.) per child participating to the Milne’s home 10334 S Cold Moon Place by Wednesday, March 25th.

More help would be much appreciated! Anyone who can help out please contact Jamie Treseder at 385-222-1397.

December 2014 Newsletter

Happy Holidays!
The Harvest Crossing HOA Board extends its best wishes to each of you for a joyous holiday season! Thank you for your individual contributions to our community over the past year, and we look forward to a great 2015!

2015 Annual Meeting
Mark your calendars for the 2015 Annual Residents Meeting, which will be held at 7:00pm on Monday, January 12, at the South Jordan Library. Formal notices with anticipated agenda items will be distributed later this month. Please make every effort to attend—your input is vital to our community!

Committee Participants
Volunteers are needed to serve on the Community Events and the Community ‘Use of Lots’ Exceptions Committee. Please email the Board if you are willing to help.

Backflow Valves
Just one more reminder to check your backflow valves for the winter. Valve maintenance and inspection costs are the responsibility of each homeowner. For more information on the South Jordan City requirements, see:

While we have asked the city to conduct the required inspections, we do not have a date this will occur—we’ve just been “put on the list.” We expect they will notify individual homeowners when they schedule a date, and if the Board receives any other detailed information in this regard we’ll pass it along.

Winter Maintenance
Holmes Property Maintenance has completed all fall landscaping projects, and they have prepared for snow removal by placing plow markers. We have also asked them to keep the snow piles to a minimum so as to avoid blind spots and play hazards. With regard to winter safety, please speak with your children about leaving the snow markers in place, and exercising caution when sledding/playing in the common areas or on snow piles, as this is done at your own risk.

Formal Complaints
We’ve been asked by a few residents how they can file formal complaints they may have with Peterson Homes/Development. While the HOA cannot become involved in individual homeowner issues, or provide any formal legal advice, the following links may be helpful:

Better Business Bureau:

Utah Division of Professional Licensing:

For formal warranty issues:

If your problems are severe, we encourage you to seek private legal counsel.

October Community Update

Hello Residents,

We hope you’re enjoying this spectacularly beautiful time of year!  Please take a few minutes to review the following community information.

Community Gathering
We hope to see everyone (even if it’s just for a few minutes) at “A Taste of Fall” — our first annual community gathering which will be held Saturday, October 11th at 6:00 p.m. Come get to know your neighbors and bring a treat to share.  You should have received an invitation on your door with all the details.

3rd Amendment Update
As you may recall, an Amendment to the community CC&Rs was passed in the majority at the August community meeting that prohibits rental of properties. Because concerns were raised during the meeting that the Amendment as passed may create a hardship in certain exceptional circumstances, the HOA Board proposed the formation of an oversight committee to review any potential requests to temporarily suspend enforcement of the 3rd Amendment (i.e., requests to rent one’s home).  The Board subsequently crafted the resolution available at the link below, which we invite you to review.  The next step in this process is to form the oversight committee, and we invite community members interested in participating on the committee to contact the Board by October 18th, or you may provide any feedback to the resolution via an email to the Board.  Resolution link:

Maintenance Items

Lawns & Sprinkler Shut-down

  • Fertilization was completed Friday, October 3rd
  • Final mowing will occur Monday October 13th
  • Water turnoff / line blow out will occur sometime after October 15th
    • If you have an interior turnoff, you should turn it off no later than October 15th
    • If you have an exterior turnoff, please clear the grass away so the landscaper can easily find it

Stop-Waste – UPDATE
Thanks to Tammy Robinson for sharing updated information on the stop waste valves. In this regard, it was confirmed with South Jordan City that they will pay for the certifications of your stop waste valves, and the city indicated they would add Harvest Crossing to their list to complete.  Until then, homeowners do NOT need to do anything. Once South Jordan has added our community to the list, you should receive a post card indicating the timing for the certification.  You do not need to be present for the inspection.  When the certification is successfully completed, the inspection company will provide a certification document, which is effective for one year.  If your valve fails inspection, you will need to, at your expense, repair the value and have it certified again either by the same company or one you choose. Again, the good news is that you do not need to do nothing until the city engages our homes.

Best wishes for a Happy Fall!

HOA Board


Happy Fall to all!
Please take a moment to review important information regarding upcoming maintenance dates /actions, and a few CC&R reminders.

DOGSPlease clean up after your dogs, and place any waste in your own garbage cans, not the pavilion cans.

CARSCars cannot be left parked on the street overnight. This CC&R will be strictly enforced with fines and towing.

HOA DUESAs noted in the CC&Rs, HOA dues statements are only sent if you are delinquent. This helps control HOA costs. If you would like a monthly statement, the cost is $10 a month, and must be requested in writing.

SPRINKLER DAMAGE – Remember to immediately report sprinkler damage caused by the maintenance company. See last month’s post for reporting information.

BLOCK PARTY – We’ve asked our Community Events Committee to consider doing a Fall Block Party on October 18th, and will be providing more updates on this if it is finalized. If you are interested in helping, or have input, please contact the Board.

FALL FERTILIZING – A fall fertilizer/weed killer will be applied at the end of the month. Confirmation of the date will be sent the week prior. To improve efficacy, do not water for at least 24 hours before/after application.

WATER SHUT-OFF / SPRINKLER DRAINING – The maintenance company will be turning off the water and blowing out sprinkler lines on approximately October 15th, depending on weather. Confirmation of the date will be the week prior. While the maintenance company will blow out the lines, you are responsible for certain steps based on the type of system on your property, so carefully read the instructions below to ensure you’re prepared. Please also carefully read the “Backflow Valves” information at the bottom of the post.

INTERIOR VALVESHomeowners are responsible to shut off interior valves—the maintenance company will not be entering homes to do this. In this regard, if your turnoff is in your basement, and if you have a drain valve, you should turn your water off and drain any minimal residual water. After draining the line, make sure you close it so nothing gets blown back into your basement when the maintenance company blows out the lines.

EXTERIOR VALVES – If your water is turned off from the outside, the maintenance company will turn your water off prior to blowing out the lines.

BACKFLOW VALVESIndividual homeowners are responsible for the certification (see below), maintenance, and repair of their backflow valves. Blowing out your sprinkler system helps prevent damage to your backflow valves but does not guarantee it from damage. The only way to prevent damage to your backflow is to remove and store it during the winter. If removed, cover the exposed pipes to prevent contamination.

If you have an all-metal backflow the complete unit needs to be removed at the couplers. If you have a plastic insert backflow, the plastic insert needs to be removed and the valves left open and covered to prevent contamination.

BACKFLOW VALVE CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENT – Last spring we learned that there is a city law that requires backflows be certified every year to make sure they are working properly. A copy of the requirement can be found on the South Jordan City website. Certification is the responsibility of individual homeowners and typically costs $45-$50.00 per year.

We have found a vendor that is willing to perform this certification for $30.00 per valve if the entire community commits (more if not). The vendor is: Smart Backflow Services, 801-566-5756, (Russell Smart, Owner), and you should contact them directly. Smart Backflow also provides service and repairs if needed. The best time to complete this certification is in the spring after the water is turned on.

Please contact the Board should you have questions on any of the items above.

Happy Fall!

2014 Community Meeting Report & August Newsletter

Dear Residents,

We hope everyone is enjoying the final days of summer– it is passing all too quickly!

As you are aware, the 2014 Community Meeting was held Tuesday, August 5th, where a new amendment to the CC&Rs was passed, new Board Members were elected, the financials updated through June and various HOA matters were discussed.

Following is a brief meeting report on the key items.


Financial Report

Shane Siddoway, (The HOA CPA) reported on the June Year-to-Date 2014 Income Statement & Balance Sheet, which was provided to all residents in the pre-meeting packet. To date the HOA is trending slightly under budget, with maintenance as the largest HOA expense.   Costs have been controlled with significant reductions since the HOA was transferred to the residents, and there is currently a balance of approximately $25,000 in the HOA reserve account, which is helping to build the necessary reserve for future expenditures.

If you have questions regarding your Homeowner statements (which will only be sent for delinquencies and late fees), please directly contact Mr. Siddoway at his E-mail address of: or business number of 801-253-0813.  For any other financial-related questions, you may email the Board at

Board Elections

Harvest Crossing’s Board was expanded from three to five members.  Kevin Stevenson, Mike Truman and Merilee Hunt were elected, joining Craig Romney and Alicia Holdaway.  Subsequent to the Community Meeting, Andrew Petersen, who was nominated and received votes, was invited to join the Board to replace Alicia Holdaway, who tendered her resignation.

On behalf of the residents and the Board we thank Alicia for her service and contributions to the community.

On August 11, 2014, the new Board met and voted on new board assignments and terms, which were established as follows:

  • Kevin Stevenson will remain as President and HOA Treasurer. (1.5 Year Term)
  • Craig Romney will serve the Chair of the Modification Committee and will remain on the HOA Account for review and expense approvals. (1.5 Year Term).
  • Merilee Hunt will serve as the Board Secretary and as a member of the Litigation Committee. She will also be added to the HOA Account for review and expense approvals. (2.5 Year Term).
  • Michael Truman will serve as the Chair of the Legal Committee and Chair of the Litigation Committee. (3.5 Year Term)
  • Andrew Petersen will serve as the Chair of the CC&R Committee (2.5 Year Term)
  • All other volunteer committee members from the community will remain the same.

Legal Opinion Update

As you may recall from the last Community Meeting, the residents approved having the Board engage outside counsel to provide an opinion letter regarding potential legal action against Peterson Development. This letter was provided to the Board just prior to the Community Meeting, and there was not sufficient time to review it prior to the meeting. The Board-appointed Litigation Committee is conducting an in-depth review of the legal opinion and will provide updates in the near future.

Amendment 3 to CC&Rs

The proposed Amendment 3 to the CC&Rs to prohibit rental properties was passed, and was filed with the State of Utah on August 15, 2014. As requested at the Community Meeting; the Board will also further review the request for an additional study of potential exception guidelines to the Amendment.  As a result, the Board unanimously appointed Mike Truman as Chairman of an oversight committee to begin this process, and he will work to accomplish this in conjunction with additional Board Members and Community volunteers who have expressed an interest in this process.

The rest of the Community Meeting was dedicated to sharing updates and information on other general community items.   Those items, as well as calendaring and general reminders are included below.



As a reminder, the best place for community information is here on the Blog, and the majority of community information will be shared here. Email notifications will be sent to let you know when there are new posts.   Any official or important matters, however, will be handled through email or US mail.

Information Note:

In the past we have provided a copy of the community directory to get to know our neighbors. We have had new neighbors move in and would like to update and publish this in the next newsletter. If you object to having your information shared in the community please let us know. As always, this information is confidential and may not be used for personal or business purposes.

Maintenance & Projects

  • Various projects have recently been completed including road repair, the addition of safety signs and curb painting as recommended by South Jordan Fire.
  • New mulch has been applied in the common/playground areas. PLEASE monitor your children/grandchildren to ensure they do not remove/throw the mulch or rocks.
  • When the weather cools, the playground shade awning will be temporarily removed for repairs.
  • Bids are being collected to have issues with the water feature addressed. Due to damage and poor design, tremendous amounts of water were being lost at significant cost to the community, so options are being evaluated.

CC&R Reminders

  • Vehicles may not be parked on the street overnight
  • Garbage cans need to be stored out of view


A big thanks to Stacy Ward in our community who spends countless hours ensuring it looks great– he helps with watering and various maintenance issues, and has saved the community thousands of dollars. He also could use help, so please contact a member of the Board if you can lend a hand with adjusting/turning of sprinklers or other items that help us control costs.

Thus far we have also been pleased with the service provided by the landscaping company, Holmes Property Maintenance, and they have been great to address issues as they arise. They have now agreed to allow the residents to contact them directly so that response times are quicker and you are not waiting on a member of the Board to contact them. Starting immediately, please contact the owner, Travis, at: / 801-231-3814 to report issues.   If your issue is not resolved or you do not receive a response, you may then contact the Board by email at You should still report common area issues to the Board, who will interact with Holmes Property.

Pavilion Reservations

Just a reminder that for private use, the Pavilion must be reserved by emailing the Board, who will send you a reservation form for review and your signature. A reservation sign holder is being added so reservations are posted.

Dates to Remember

  • Community Fall Yard Sale – Saturday, September 6 from 7:00 a.m. to Noon. The east gate will be open during this time. Exterior signs will be placed, and you are also encouraged to place online ads to help drive traffic. If you do post ads online, remember to refresh them the night before so they will be “top of the list.” Remember that no private yard sales are allowed.
  • The Spring Community Yard Sale will be held the weekend following Memorial Day.

Thanks to all of you for making Harvest Crossing a great place to live. Members are needed for various committees and projects, so please contact a member of the Board if you can help.