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Happy Fall to all!
Please take a moment to review important information regarding upcoming maintenance dates /actions, and a few CC&R reminders.

DOGSPlease clean up after your dogs, and place any waste in your own garbage cans, not the pavilion cans.

CARSCars cannot be left parked on the street overnight. This CC&R will be strictly enforced with fines and towing.

HOA DUESAs noted in the CC&Rs, HOA dues statements are only sent if you are delinquent. This helps control HOA costs. If you would like a monthly statement, the cost is $10 a month, and must be requested in writing.

SPRINKLER DAMAGE – Remember to immediately report sprinkler damage caused by the maintenance company. See last month’s post for reporting information.

BLOCK PARTY – We’ve asked our Community Events Committee to consider doing a Fall Block Party on October 18th, and will be providing more updates on this if it is finalized. If you are interested in helping, or have input, please contact the Board.

FALL FERTILIZING – A fall fertilizer/weed killer will be applied at the end of the month. Confirmation of the date will be sent the week prior. To improve efficacy, do not water for at least 24 hours before/after application.

WATER SHUT-OFF / SPRINKLER DRAINING – The maintenance company will be turning off the water and blowing out sprinkler lines on approximately October 15th, depending on weather. Confirmation of the date will be the week prior. While the maintenance company will blow out the lines, you are responsible for certain steps based on the type of system on your property, so carefully read the instructions below to ensure you’re prepared. Please also carefully read the “Backflow Valves” information at the bottom of the post.

INTERIOR VALVESHomeowners are responsible to shut off interior valves—the maintenance company will not be entering homes to do this. In this regard, if your turnoff is in your basement, and if you have a drain valve, you should turn your water off and drain any minimal residual water. After draining the line, make sure you close it so nothing gets blown back into your basement when the maintenance company blows out the lines.

EXTERIOR VALVES – If your water is turned off from the outside, the maintenance company will turn your water off prior to blowing out the lines.

BACKFLOW VALVESIndividual homeowners are responsible for the certification (see below), maintenance, and repair of their backflow valves. Blowing out your sprinkler system helps prevent damage to your backflow valves but does not guarantee it from damage. The only way to prevent damage to your backflow is to remove and store it during the winter. If removed, cover the exposed pipes to prevent contamination.

If you have an all-metal backflow the complete unit needs to be removed at the couplers. If you have a plastic insert backflow, the plastic insert needs to be removed and the valves left open and covered to prevent contamination.

BACKFLOW VALVE CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENT – Last spring we learned that there is a city law that requires backflows be certified every year to make sure they are working properly. A copy of the requirement can be found on the South Jordan City website. Certification is the responsibility of individual homeowners and typically costs $45-$50.00 per year.

We have found a vendor that is willing to perform this certification for $30.00 per valve if the entire community commits (more if not). The vendor is: Smart Backflow Services, 801-566-5756, (Russell Smart, Owner), and you should contact them directly. Smart Backflow also provides service and repairs if needed. The best time to complete this certification is in the spring after the water is turned on.

Please contact the Board should you have questions on any of the items above.

Happy Fall!