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Another Gate update…

I’m sure you’ve all noticed the East gate has been open for some time now.  We are aware of this and working to fix the issue.  The Superintendent for Peterson Homes took the liberty of shutting down the power to the gate pedestal in order to open the gates for his trucks.  Subsequently, we had to return power to the box and re-upload the gate schedule to the system.  All attempts to upload the information to the gates has failed so someone is coming to look at it tomorrow.  We hope to have them closed and fully functional again ASAP!
Thanks for your patience!
HOA Board


Quick Reminder that the Community Easter Egg Hunt is this Saturday, the 12th @ 9:00 am!  Bring the kids, grandkids, an Easter Basket for taking home your loot, a camp chair, an appetite and a smile!!  Breakfast will be served and fun will be had by all!!

Also – important note regarding your water!!  REALLY SORRY FOR THE LATE NOTICE, but we were just informed today that the Landscape company will be by tomorrow morning, Friday the 11th to turn on all the water throughout the community!!   If your water on/off valve is located INSIDE your home, you will need to turn it on yourself before your lawn can be watered!!
The sprinkler settings will be set where they were last fall, so you will want to go in and change the settings according to your own desired sprinkler schedule!!  ALL HOMEOWNERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN SPRINKLER SETTINGS AS WE ALL PAY OUR OWN INDIVIDUAL WATER BILLS SEPARATELY.  If you need assistance in accessing/changing your sprinkler settings, let us know and we will have someone come help!
One last note – if you find the Landscaping crew has broken or damaged a sprinkler head during their service, please let Stacey Ward know immediately so it can be addressed with the Landscape company in a timely manner.
Thanks!!!  As always – please use this HOA email for communications with the Board.
-Your HOA Board


The gate has successfully been updated!  This now means the gate will be closed at all the times!  You will need to use your remotes or personal 4-digit code to enter the community.  Note: we recently found out that we are only able to have one telephone number and one personal code per residence.  Remember the west gate is totally separate from the east gate and remotes have to be entered manually to the west gate.  Everything entered in the west gate to date will be unaffected by the east gate upload.  The 1036 code is now deleted!!  (Hallelujah 🙂 )

The garbage company and Peterson Development will use an individual “contractors” code.  Residents will have to individually arrange with FedEx/UPS, newspaper delivery, etc for personal deliveries.  This means residents can give them their personal code when arranging deliveries or have the couriers access the gate directory and call their phone number directly from the gate pedestal for access.  Remember that when you receive a call from someone at the gate you press the number 9 on your keypad and the gate will open.  This will also then hang up the call!  If the phone goes to voice mail the voice mail will intercept the call and not allow the gate to be opened.  The gate will not dial long distance numbers.

If changes are needed to the gates please call Stacey Ward at 801-738-2716 or send an email to and “cc” the HOA at  Stacey will do his best to follow up as soon as possible.  Please allow for 2-3 days for follow up.