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Dear Residents,

Happy Summer! Please take a few minutes to carefully review this month’s newsletter – there’s lots of important information!


Thank You
First, a HUGE thanks to our amazing events committee for the wonderful Spring Event! There were over 1,800 eggs, and a delicious breakfast with homemade quiches, cinnamon rolls and lots of other tasty treats! If you didn’t make it, we hope to see you next year!

The committee also did a great job with the annual yard sale that was held on May 30th. This will continue to be held each spring, and new banners have been purchased to help with advertising each year.

Summer Party
Our events committee also has a great summer party planned – please plan to join us on Saturday, June 27th from 6-9:00 p.m. There will be a barbeque dinner and lots of fun entertainment. Inflatables, laser tag, shaved ice, glitter tattoos and a great chance to get to know your neighbors better. Please come enjoy some delicious food, fun, and great company!


Common Area Maintenance
The community works hard to provide family-friendly common areas, and we ask that everyone do their part to ensure all can enjoy them. Sadly, as many are aware, damage to community and individual homeowner property has become an issue, and is generally caused by unsupervised children. We are also having issues with garbage and toys being left in the common areas, street, and neighbors’ yards. PLEASE remind your children to clean up behind themselves, to respect community and private property (your neighbor’s yard is not community property), and to just be a good neighbor.

Effective immediately, property left in common areas or street will be removed nightly and disposed of/donated to charity, including bikes, toys, clothing, etc.   If your family uses the common areas, we encourage you to check nightly for items left behind, as the HOA will not replace or reimburse the cost for any items that have been disposed of.

Portable Basketball Standards
The CC&R’s state that basketball standards must be located on your personal property (not in the street). We are experiencing increasing traffic hazards and safety issues with portable hoops being left in the street, especially when they fall over or children are playing and do not move for traffic. Hoops must be removed when not in use, especially over night. As with any violation of the CC&R’s warnings will be sent for the first two violations, with a fine imposed for the third and any future violations.

Community Parking
Just a reminder that vehicles need to be parked so they do not obstruct traffic (close to corners/stop signs), and cannot be parked on the street overnight.

Desert Valley Road Parking
We reached out to South Jordan City regarding street parking and traffic congestion on Desert Valley Road. We also submitted a petition asking that parking be restricted to the south side. In the end, since Desert Valley Road is a public street, and based on evaluation by the South Jordan City Fire Department that they have sufficient room to get their trucks through when there are cars parked on both sides, there is no other action the community can take at this time. Thankfully, after speaking with the owners/management of Culver’s, their employees seem to now be parking in the lot, so hopefully we will continue to enjoy less congestion/parking issues.

Water Feature
As you may also be aware, the common area water feature has been disabled for some time due to massive water leaks. It was not designed well, and we were losing thousands of gallons of water, which is very expensive. That area has also become a favorite play area, which also raises safety concerns and makes it hard to maintain.   After careful review, due to the excessive costs to adequately repair/rebuild the water feature, to avoid ongoing safety and maintenance issues, and to reduce long-term maintenance costs, the water feature is going to be removed. We are currently exploring pricing/options to redesign the area, and will either install grass, a half-court basketball court, or a combination of both. We are exploring every option to keep the costs at a minimum, including selling the rocks and/or some of the plants, but will try to relocate as many of the larger trees as possible to the west side of the playground to improve shade conditions. Updates will be provided as final decisions are made and prior to construction. We also plan to add two additional picnic tables to the pavilion/common area, and believe all of these improvements will be a great improvement and long-term investment in the community.


Legal Opinion Update
As you may recall the Board and Community Litigation Committee have been working with legal counsel to study legal options against Peterson Homes/Development on various issues.  We wanted to let you know that the Board and Litigation Committee approved the final version of a demand letter to Peterson, which we anticipate will be finalized and sent to Peterson this week. We will keep you apprised of developments as we are able without compromising confidentiality.

Summer Maintenance
Just a reminder that for any landscaping maintenance issues on your property, (missed mow, damage by crews, etc.), please directly contact Travis at Homes Property at: / 801-231-3814.   If your issue is not resolved or you do not receive a response, you may then contact the Board by email at You should still report common area issues to the Board, who will interact with Holmes Property.

Pavilion Reservations
For private use, the Pavilion must be reserved by emailing the Board, who will send you a reservation form for review and your signature. A reservation sign holder is being added so reservations are posted.

Thanks to all of you for making Harvest Crossing a great place to live!