2014 Community Meeting Report & August Newsletter

Dear Residents,

We hope everyone is enjoying the final days of summer– it is passing all too quickly!

As you are aware, the 2014 Community Meeting was held Tuesday, August 5th, where a new amendment to the CC&Rs was passed, new Board Members were elected, the financials updated through June and various HOA matters were discussed.

Following is a brief meeting report on the key items.


Financial Report

Shane Siddoway, (The HOA CPA) reported on the June Year-to-Date 2014 Income Statement & Balance Sheet, which was provided to all residents in the pre-meeting packet. To date the HOA is trending slightly under budget, with maintenance as the largest HOA expense.   Costs have been controlled with significant reductions since the HOA was transferred to the residents, and there is currently a balance of approximately $25,000 in the HOA reserve account, which is helping to build the necessary reserve for future expenditures.

If you have questions regarding your Homeowner statements (which will only be sent for delinquencies and late fees), please directly contact Mr. Siddoway at his E-mail address of: physmgmt@utahisp.com or business number of 801-253-0813.  For any other financial-related questions, you may email the Board at HOAHarvestCrossing@gmail.com.

Board Elections

Harvest Crossing’s Board was expanded from three to five members.  Kevin Stevenson, Mike Truman and Merilee Hunt were elected, joining Craig Romney and Alicia Holdaway.  Subsequent to the Community Meeting, Andrew Petersen, who was nominated and received votes, was invited to join the Board to replace Alicia Holdaway, who tendered her resignation.

On behalf of the residents and the Board we thank Alicia for her service and contributions to the community.

On August 11, 2014, the new Board met and voted on new board assignments and terms, which were established as follows:

  • Kevin Stevenson will remain as President and HOA Treasurer. (1.5 Year Term)
  • Craig Romney will serve the Chair of the Modification Committee and will remain on the HOA Account for review and expense approvals. (1.5 Year Term).
  • Merilee Hunt will serve as the Board Secretary and as a member of the Litigation Committee. She will also be added to the HOA Account for review and expense approvals. (2.5 Year Term).
  • Michael Truman will serve as the Chair of the Legal Committee and Chair of the Litigation Committee. (3.5 Year Term)
  • Andrew Petersen will serve as the Chair of the CC&R Committee (2.5 Year Term)
  • All other volunteer committee members from the community will remain the same.

Legal Opinion Update

As you may recall from the last Community Meeting, the residents approved having the Board engage outside counsel to provide an opinion letter regarding potential legal action against Peterson Development. This letter was provided to the Board just prior to the Community Meeting, and there was not sufficient time to review it prior to the meeting. The Board-appointed Litigation Committee is conducting an in-depth review of the legal opinion and will provide updates in the near future.

Amendment 3 to CC&Rs

The proposed Amendment 3 to the CC&Rs to prohibit rental properties was passed, and was filed with the State of Utah on August 15, 2014. As requested at the Community Meeting; the Board will also further review the request for an additional study of potential exception guidelines to the Amendment.  As a result, the Board unanimously appointed Mike Truman as Chairman of an oversight committee to begin this process, and he will work to accomplish this in conjunction with additional Board Members and Community volunteers who have expressed an interest in this process.

The rest of the Community Meeting was dedicated to sharing updates and information on other general community items.   Those items, as well as calendaring and general reminders are included below.



As a reminder, the best place for community information is here on the Blog, and the majority of community information will be shared here. Email notifications will be sent to let you know when there are new posts.   Any official or important matters, however, will be handled through email or US mail.

Information Note:

In the past we have provided a copy of the community directory to get to know our neighbors. We have had new neighbors move in and would like to update and publish this in the next newsletter. If you object to having your information shared in the community please let us know. As always, this information is confidential and may not be used for personal or business purposes.

Maintenance & Projects

  • Various projects have recently been completed including road repair, the addition of safety signs and curb painting as recommended by South Jordan Fire.
  • New mulch has been applied in the common/playground areas. PLEASE monitor your children/grandchildren to ensure they do not remove/throw the mulch or rocks.
  • When the weather cools, the playground shade awning will be temporarily removed for repairs.
  • Bids are being collected to have issues with the water feature addressed. Due to damage and poor design, tremendous amounts of water were being lost at significant cost to the community, so options are being evaluated.

CC&R Reminders

  • Vehicles may not be parked on the street overnight
  • Garbage cans need to be stored out of view


A big thanks to Stacy Ward in our community who spends countless hours ensuring it looks great– he helps with watering and various maintenance issues, and has saved the community thousands of dollars. He also could use help, so please contact a member of the Board if you can lend a hand with adjusting/turning of sprinklers or other items that help us control costs.

Thus far we have also been pleased with the service provided by the landscaping company, Holmes Property Maintenance, and they have been great to address issues as they arise. They have now agreed to allow the residents to contact them directly so that response times are quicker and you are not waiting on a member of the Board to contact them. Starting immediately, please contact the owner, Travis, at: travis@holmes-pm.com / 801-231-3814 to report issues.   If your issue is not resolved or you do not receive a response, you may then contact the Board by email at HOAHarvestCrossing@gmail.com. You should still report common area issues to the Board, who will interact with Holmes Property.

Pavilion Reservations

Just a reminder that for private use, the Pavilion must be reserved by emailing the Board, who will send you a reservation form for review and your signature. A reservation sign holder is being added so reservations are posted.

Dates to Remember

  • Community Fall Yard Sale – Saturday, September 6 from 7:00 a.m. to Noon. The east gate will be open during this time. Exterior signs will be placed, and you are also encouraged to place online ads to help drive traffic. If you do post ads online, remember to refresh them the night before so they will be “top of the list.” Remember that no private yard sales are allowed.
  • The Spring Community Yard Sale will be held the weekend following Memorial Day.

Thanks to all of you for making Harvest Crossing a great place to live. Members are needed for various committees and projects, so please contact a member of the Board if you can help.


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