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Saturday, April 12th at 9:00 am
At the Harvest Crossing Park

All Harvest Crossing residents and family members (grandchildren!!) are invited!

Children 12 and under can participate in the egg hunt.
Younger children will be given a head start.

Breakfast provided by the HOA so even if you don’t have kids coming – come out and have some breakfast while getting to know your neighbors!!

If children from your family would like to participate, please bring enough candy to fill

8-10 eggs per child to the Treseder home (10347 Silver Moon Place)

by Wednesday April 9th.

Please have children bring an Easter basket to the event.

HOA Dues Increase


For those of you who were not at the HOA Annual Meeting this past Wednesday, this post is to inform you that the proposed 2014 Budget was approved by majority vote. This means the dues increase of $36 was approved. Effective April 1st, the Harvest Crossing monthly dues are now $135/mo. If you have already sent your $99 payment in for April, please be sure to make an additional $36 payment.
Going forward, please ensure all HOA payments are made ON TIME and in the amount of $135/mo.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email the Board via the HOA email address (


HOA Board

Harvest Crossing Annual Meeting 3/24/2014

Thank you to all those that were able to attend the Annual Meeting tonight.  If you were unable to attend, a link to the meeting minutes is below for your review:

Click to access Annual%20Mtg%20Minutes%203%3A26%3A14.pdf



Reminder – our Annual HOA meeting is tomorrow night, Wednesday 26th from 7:00 – 8:45pm at the South Jordan Library Meeting Room. The address is 10673 S Redwood Rd.

We request that you do your best to attend this meeting!! We will be voting on a number of important issues concerning the Homeowners Association and we would like as many Resident’s voices heard as possible!

If you are unable to attend, please be sure to get your proxy vote in by the end of today!

Thanks!! See you all tomorrow night!

Your HOA Board

Harvest Crossing Events Calendar

An events calendar has been added to the blog!  Please check this calendar for a schedule of meetings, community events and pavilion reservations!  Simply go to the salmon colored widget at the top of the blog and click on the link “Harvest Crossing Events Calendar”.


GREAT NEWS!!!  After months of work and numerous failed attempts, the East gate is (as of this moment :), fully functional!  The generic 1036 code will be completely deleted from the system on March 26th (the date of the Annual Meeting).  Your Guests now have 2 options for entering the neighborhood through the East gate;

  1. They can call you from the Pedestal.
  2. They can use your personal 4-digit code.

Things to know about using the East Gate:

  • You must have a local phone number in order to use this function.  The phone line used by the pedestal system does not call out long-distance.  We have done this intentionally to avoid a long-distance phone bill.  If you do not have a local phone number, you can either set one up or simply use your personal code instead.
  • Your 4-digit code is the last 4 digits of your primary phone number, backward.  For example, if your primary phone number is 801-555-1234, your personal code would be 4321.  Please be selective as to whom you give your code to as to protect the integrity of a secured neighborhood.
  • When your Guest arrives, they will use the up/down arrows on the pedestal to find your name.  (We have found a few mistakes in spelling of names, first initial, etc. so please let us know asap if there is anything that needs to be fixed on your name.)  Once they find your name, they will press the “#” key and the system will call you.  Once you are finished speaking with them, press the “9” button on your phone.  This will open the gate for them and then hang up the phone line!
  • Although we have gotten both primary and secondary numbers from most Residents, we recently found that they system will not forward to the secondary number if the primary phone has a voicemail.  The system recognizes the voicemail as having been answered so it never forwards to the secondary phone.  There is no way around this, it is simply how the system operates.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
  • If you need to change or update anything in the directory, please email those updates directly to Taylor Monty at

Thank you all for your patience.  I know we all would love to have had this completed months ago and it’s been a frustrating process to say the least.  Good news is, we have a great team of Residents that have been willing to spend countless hours working on this, not giving up until solutions were found.  Please be sure to extend a word of Thanks to Taylor Monty, Stacey Ward and Kevin Stevenson next time you see them!!!

As always, we welcome your questions and feedback.  Feel free to send your questions or concerns to the general HOA email at

Gate Keeper to the Rescue

If you have a gate remote that is not currently programmed to the west gate – Stacey Ward will be out at the gate from 12:00 – 1:00 pm tomorrow, Saturday the 8th!!  Bring your remotes to him and he will make sure they get programmed in properly!!

We are still working on getting the remotes working on the East gate and hope to have a resolution ASAP!  
Please be sure to thank Stacey for taking time out of his Saturday to help with this!


Welcome to those who have moved in over the winter!  For those who are receiving this as your first newsletter, you can refer to our neighborhood blog for past issues.  The blog is PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS!! Our first … Continue reading



After MUCH work, we have had some success with the gate transfer!  We still have some challenges to overcome before we are 100% passed the finish line, however at his point – all your personal codes are working!  THIS IS A BIG WIN!  Beginning immediately you can access the East gate with your personal code and/or 1036.  We plan to leave the 1036 code in effect until we have all issues resolved, giving everyone a chance to become comfortable using the new system.  As a reminder, your personal code is the last 4 digits of your phone number, backward.  For example; 801-555-1234 would have a gate code of 4321.  If there is no answer at the preferred number, the call will forward to the secondary phone number you provided.  
At this moment, the car remotes are not working on the East gate!  We’re really sorry for this inconvenience!    For some unknown reason, when we successfully uploaded the new system, the remotes stopped working.  We are continually working with the gate servicer to ensure we get 100% past these hurdles and will notify everyone the moment they are resolved!  Your remotes still work on the West gate so you can continue to enter the resident-only gate with no problem!  
Thank you once again for all your patience!  We will continue to keep you updated!
Your HOA Board Members

Gate update

Quick update on the gate code changes.

Stacey Ward and Taylor Monty have been working diligently with CentryLink and Buchanan Access Systems to get the phone line issue resolved. The pedestal is not communicating with the computer and therefore we have been unable to make the switch.

We are very sorry for such a delay.  Please bare with us and be patient as Stacey and Taylor are investing a lot of their time in an effort to resolve this issue.  Unfortunately there are things out of our control and we are doing everything we can to resolve the issues.

Also, while we are on the topic of the gates.  If you have recently moved in to the neighborhood and your remote gate openers don’t work on the west gate, it is because they must be programmed separately.  If you have remotes that need to be programmed to the west gate, please contact Stacey Ward to schedule a time to do so.  Stacey’s email is