May Newsletter


First and foremost – WELCOME to all the new residents that have moved in to Harvest Crossing since the last newsletter!  We hope you are all enjoying the neighborhood so far!

We would like to give you all some updates from the action items the Board took away from the Annual Meeting;

  1. It was suggested that we get a city-garbage can for the pavilion rather than the little one that is there now.  We have since ordered the can and it will be delivered this week.  If you are using the pavilion/park area, please be responsible and don’t throw open liquids or anything else that would cause the garbage can to get extra stinky and dirty (no dirty diapers either!!)
  2. The question was brought up regarding who actually owns the land on the exterior perimeter of the neighborhood.  We have checked with the city and Harvest Crossing HOA does indeed own this land.  However, there are 2 water easements on the land.  If anyone is interested in the plat maps that show that information, we have them on record.
  3. Reminder – we are increasing the Board from 3 to 5 members as of this August.  Kevin Stevenson’s term will be up so we will need one replacement for him plus two additional members.  If you are interested in being nominated for a board position, please contact us at to express interest and we will add you to the ballot sheet.  There will be a special voting meeting held on August 4th at 7:00 pm at the South Jordan Library.  Please consider getting involved!  It takes a team to keep this neighborhood nice!
  4. We are currently still working through the engagement letter with Morris & Sperry and as soon as we have a finalized contract, we will let you all know.

Sunline Landscape who we had originally awarded the landscape & snow removal bid to has withdrawn their contract.  As a result we have since changed to Holmes Maintenance.  They were the next closest in price and had done a great job for us over last Winter.  Remember that mow day is on Mondays and they request that you do not water your lawns for 24 hours prior to mowing.  If you have not yet made this adjustment to your sprinkling schedule, please do so!  Also, due to so many of the lawns in the community being less than 18 months old, there will not be any aerating done this year.  Annual aerating will commence next Spring (2015).

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Beginning immediately, the following fee schedule has been introduced in an effort to encourage compliance with the communities CC&R’s and Bylaws.  For each violation of CC&R’s, the following actions and/or fees will take place:

1. 1st violation  – Written warning by mail.
2. 2nd violation (of the same offense) – written warning by mail
3. 3rd violation – $25 fee
4. Fee goes up by an additional $25 per violation, except on parking violations in which case the vehicle will be towed at the Owner’s expense after the 3rd violation.

There will also be a $15 late fee for monthly dues more than 10 days late.  Please remember monthly dues have been increased to $135/mo and are due promptly on the 1st of each month.  You are more than welcome to pay in advance as well.

So, while we’re on that subject – here are the most common violations that we encourage all to take a close look at to ensure you are not in violation:

  1. Cars parked on the street overnight
  2. Flower beds not being maintained (these are your responsibility!  The landscapers will not weed them for you, so please do so yourself!)
  3. Garbage cans left out after garbage day or not stored properly.

The Community Events Team has planned a Spring Comunity-wide Yard Sale.  Details below.  Please be sure to thank Katie Hansen, Jamie Treseder and Tammy Robinson for all their hard work on this team.  They put together an awesome Easter-egg hunt in April and continue to plan additional events for us all to enjoy!

  • Saturday, May 31st
  • 8am – 2pm
  • The events team will advertise the yard sale online, but it would also be very beneficial for each homeowner that chooses to participate to also do their own advertising.  Community-wide yard sales tend to be much more successful than individual ones.  The East gate will be open for those hours.

Please remember to let Stacey Ward, Landscape Committee Chair, know immediately if you find the Landscapers have damaged a sprinkler head or if their work needs to be improved in any way.  The sooner these issues are brought to their attention, the greater chance we have of them taking responsibility.

We have noticed several families/kids that are not residents of Harvest Crossing entering the neighborhood through the man-gates and using the park.  Please do NOT prop open the man-gates!!  In hopes of curbing this practice, the man-gate code has been changed to 1492.

Take note – the blog address has been updated to!!

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