After MUCH work, we have had some success with the gate transfer!  We still have some challenges to overcome before we are 100% passed the finish line, however at his point – all your personal codes are working!  THIS IS A BIG WIN!  Beginning immediately you can access the East gate with your personal code and/or 1036.  We plan to leave the 1036 code in effect until we have all issues resolved, giving everyone a chance to become comfortable using the new system.  As a reminder, your personal code is the last 4 digits of your phone number, backward.  For example; 801-555-1234 would have a gate code of 4321.  If there is no answer at the preferred number, the call will forward to the secondary phone number you provided.  
At this moment, the car remotes are not working on the East gate!  We’re really sorry for this inconvenience!    For some unknown reason, when we successfully uploaded the new system, the remotes stopped working.  We are continually working with the gate servicer to ensure we get 100% past these hurdles and will notify everyone the moment they are resolved!  Your remotes still work on the West gate so you can continue to enter the resident-only gate with no problem!  
Thank you once again for all your patience!  We will continue to keep you updated!
Your HOA Board Members

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