December Newsletter


It’s been a busy couple of months since our last newsletter in October.  In an effort of complete transparency between the board and the community, below is an update on the outstanding transfer issues we are working to resolve with the Peterson Group.

  1. Retention Pond area clean-up
    1. We have asked the Peterson’s to clean this area up and fence.  They have agreed to do so and have started fencing.
  2. Street Lights out
    1. At time of HOA transfer there were 3 street lights out.  The Peterson’s have finally addressed this and gotten those lights working.
  3. Trees
    1. At time of HOA transfer there were trees that needed to be replaced.  This is still outstanding.  This will most likely not be resolved until next Spring.
  4. HOA Fees for Peterson-owned lots
    1. We have suggested the Peterson’s are responsible for the monthly HOA fee for each lot they still own, just as any owner of a lot would be.  We have not arrived at an agreement on this issue yet.
  5. HOA revenue/seed money balance
    1. There is a disagreement as to the amount of total revenue the HOA had in the bank at the time of transfer vs the total amount of money Peterson’s gave us.  We are still working on this issue and hope to see funds from Peterson’s soon.
  6. Asset Inventory
    1. As an HOA, we are required by law to produce a Reserve Study Analysis.  This is a very large undertaking and a major component necessary to compiling this report is a list of assets the HOA owns (i.e. playground equipment, streets, sidewalks, sprinkler system, water feature, gates, etc.)  We are currently working with the Peterson’s to get an accurate list/purchase dates, etc of these assets.

If anyone has a question/concern regarding the issues outlined above, please feel free to contact one of your Board Members. 


We’ve had a few calls regarding the Presidency change in September.  As stated in the previous newsletter, Nico Suazo has stepped down as President and the Board voted Kevin Stevenson to replace him.  Craig Romney was a “runner-up” for the Board at the transfer meeting back in July so the Board chose to select him for the empty Board position.   Kevin Stevenson is serving a one-year term, Alicia Holdaway is serving a two-year term and Craig Romney is serving a three-year term.  According to the Bylaws, the President holds a one-year term at which time the community holds a new election for Presidency. 


Unfortunately there has been an attempted break-in at one of the homes here in Harvest Crossing.  Thankfully the individual has an alarm system that scared the criminals away.  We just wanted to make everyone aware; not to alarm anyone but simply to remind everyone to lock windows and doors, close garage doors and simply be aware of what’s going on.  If you see something that seems odd, take note!  Our Community Events team is also currently looking at additional precautions we can take such as posting “Neighborhood Watch” signs, etc.  If you have any ideas, pass them along.


We apologize for the gate delay.  As we were preparing to make the final changes to the gate-coding system in October, we found an issue with the phone line.  Taylor Monty has since been working with Bart, the gate-installation company and Centrylink to fix the problem.  As of last week, we were under the impression that the phone line was now operational so we planned to move forward with the code-change as of today, Monday, December 2nd as stated in the notice you received over the weekend.   Unfortunately when we tried to go live with the change, the same error message came up.  Taylor is now working with all related parties again to get this issue fixed once and for all as soon as humanly possible!!  We are very sorry for the delay.   Unfortunately we are dealing with challenges outside our control.  We will keep you updated via the blog and email.


A BIG BIG thank you to all who joined us for the Fall clean-up.  Community efforts like this can save the HOA hundreds of dollars!  Please be sure to help where you can as these events come about so the work doesn’t fall on just a few.  Let’s all pitch in to keep this a great community. 

The Sprinkler/water lines have all been blown out in preparation for winter. 

We sent out an RFP to 4 different snow removal companies to bid for the snow-removal contract for this winter.  We have chosen to move forward with Holmes Property Management.  Come Spring, we will send out RFP’s again so we can have one company doing both Landscape maintenance and Snow Removal. 


Additional Housekeeping items:

CC&R Highlights:

  1. Section 10.02 Modification Review Board and Control;

No Owner may (I) make any material alteration to the exterior surfaces of existing buildings or improvement constituting a part of his residence, or (II) construct any additional building or improvement on any improved lot or install any fence, without the prior written consent of the Modification Review Board.

  1. **REMINDER** Section 11.05 regarding placement of trashcans.  Please remember trashcans are to be stored out of sight.


Reminder of the new address to send your monthly HOA payments to.  The monthly HOA fee is $99 and is due on the 1st of every month!  Please be sure to pay this on time!

Harvest Crossing HOA

PO Box 95492

South Jordan, UT 84095. 


Moving forward, If you would like to reserve the pavilion for a private party, please contact Elisha Suazo via email at  She will send you a reservation form to fill out.  She will be managing the reservation calendar.


Here’s an update on the Committee Members.  If you are interested in serving on a specific committee, please contact the Board Members.


  1. Landscape/Maintenance Committee:

Stacey Ward will lead this team. 

(Email:  #801-738-2716)

Cory Monty

Dean Carriger

**We still need 1 more person willing to help on this team!

  1. Community Events Committee:

Steve and Katie Hansen will lead this team.

(Email:  #801-837-0616)

Kenny Rauh

Tammy Robinson

Jerry Pulsipher

**The Community Events Committee will be meeting in January to plan the events for 2014.  Please let the Hansen’s know if you would like to be included in this meeting.

  1. Modification Review Board:

Alicia Holdaway

Merilee Hunt

Nico Suazo

Kevin Stevenson

Craig Romney

For constant updates in between newsletters, please frequently check the community blog at

Kevin Stevenson – President


Cell: 480-239-7676


Alicia Holdaway – Secretary


Cell: 801-243-7188


Craig Romney


Cell: 801-694-4108


HOA General Email:



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