October Newsletter

Welcome to fall everyone!  First we’d like to welcome those of you who have just recently moved in to the neighborhood!!  Welcome to HARVEST CROSSING!

We are working very hard to set up all necessary systems and put teams in place to make sure this HOA is run effectively.  This does take time though, and we appreciate your continued support and patience.

Due to a job change resulting in decreased availability, Nico Suazo has regretfully resigned as HOA President.  Craig Romney has replaced his seat on the board.  Kevin Stevenson will take on role as president.  Thank you Craig for stepping in to help serve the community.

I hope you all enjoyed the opportunity to join the community yard sale on the 28th.  As noted in the flyer, we will continue to plan a Spring and Fall community yard sale each year.  This is in place of individual yard sales.

Once again, we’d like to point out some important housekeeping items.

  1. Reminder of the new address to send your monthly HOA payments to.  The monthly HOA fee is $99 and is due on the 1st of every month!  Please be sure to pay this on time!

Harvest Crossing HOA

PO Box 95492

South Jordan, UT 84095.

2.   The gate code switch is taking place this coming Tuesday, Oct. 1st.  REMEMBER – the common gate code of 1036 will be deleted on October 1stYour personal gate code will be the last 4 digits of your preferred telephone number, backwards.  For example; 801-999-1002 would have gate code of 2001.  When you have visitors, please instruct them to pick your name from the directory on the keypad, which will then dial your preferred telephone number.  If there is no answer at the preferred number, the call will forward to the secondary phone number you provided.  If you have not previously given your preferred

telephone number(s) to Bart or Taylor, you must give them to Taylor Monty ASAP!  You can reach her at taylor@qvsmarketing.com or 801-859-2552.  Stacey Ward is the back-up Gate Keeper so if you can’t reach Taylor, you can contact him @ 801-738-2716 or stacey_wardt@yahoo.com.

We encourage all residents to continually review your CC&R’s!  If you need a copy of them, we are more than happy to supply you with a copy.  We would like to make a few friendly reminders.  At minimum, please review the following referenced sections;

  1. Section 11.05 regarding placement of trashcans.  Please remember trashcans are to be stored out of sight.
  2. Section 8.01a regarding lawn care/weeding.  HOA covers weekly lawn mowing/edging.  Individual homeowners are responsible for weeding their flowerbeds.

We have included a neighborhood directory.  Please email the board with any incorrect or missing information.

Thank you to everyone who stepped up and joined a committee!  It’s this sense of ownership and involvement that will keep this a great community to live in!

Here are the committee’s thus far:

  1. Modification Review Board:

Merilee Hunt will lead this team.

(Email: merileehunt@hotmail.com  #801-633-0098)

Nico Suazo

Kevin Stevenson

Craig Romney

Alicia Holdaway

  1. Landscape/Maintenance Committee:

Stacey Ward will lead this team.  (Some of you may have seen Stacey out around the neighborhood addressing different maintenance/landscape issues.  If you see him, please be sure to thank him for all his hard work!!)

(Email: Stacey_wardt@yahoo.com  #801-738-2716)

Cory Monty

**We still need 2 people willing to help on this team!

  1. Community Events Committee

Steve and Katie Hansen will lead this team.

(Email: bennetsmom@yahoo.com  #801-837-0616)

**We still need 2-3 people willing to help on this team!

  1. Assistant Gate Keeper

Stacey Ward has agreed to help Taylor Monty manage the gate systems.  In the event Taylor is unavailable, please contact Stacey for any changes.

5.  Matthew Sadowski has agreed to take on the massive task of Treasurer.  He has spent countless hours over the last couple months transferring and organizing financials from the Peterson’s and initiating new financial systems.  Thank you Matthew for the incredible amount of time you are dedicating to this.  You have done a fantastic job and we really appreciate you!

If you are interested in serving on a specific committee, please contact the Board Members at hoaharvestcrossing@gmail.com.

The community blog is up and running.  Please continually check this website as we will be using it for constant communication between newsletters.  http://www.harvestcrossinghoa.wordpress.com

Kevin Stevenson – President

Email: kstevensonut@hotmail.com

Cell: 480-239-7676

Alicia Holdaway – Secretary

Email: alicia.holdaway@gmail.com

Cell: 801-243-7188

Craig Romney

Email: jcromney@msn.com

Cell: 801-694-4108

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  1. Correction on my cell phone number. It is 801-694-4108.

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